The Hangover Martini

It seems from the social media frenzy among my friends that many fine souls are suffering from hangovers following their post-Valentine’s excitements/drowning of sorrows.

Perhaps today is appropriate timing, then, to reveal my worst-kept-secret martini recipe to the world…


Juice of two good quality limes, freshly squeezed.
2 measures of Lucozade Sport Orange or Tropical flavour (or any ‘Sports’-style drink)
2 measures of vodka
1 measure of Martini Bianco

It’s pretty simple really, just gather all the above (bar the salt) and pour into a cocktail shaker with lots of ice. Shake until ice cold.

For notes on what my measures are (and general tips for perfecting the art of mixing cocktails) see: //

Forget about the niceties of straining the limes. What you need is vitamin C and fast… Thus, it’s function over style with this martini. Also a little sweetness with the Martini Bianco helps me personally, though you could go for a drier and less aromatic taste (subject to how delicate your senses are) by using a dry vermouth and perhaps a touch of sugar syrup – though the latter shouldn’t be necessary given the sugars in the optimistically-termed ‘sports’ drinks.

Rim the glasses by crushing up rock or sea salt with a mortar and pestle and lay out on a plate (or again just use cheap cooking salt – time is of the essence here). To rim, wipe the edge of the chilled martini glasses with a slither of lime. Place the martini glass top down on the salt and twist gently to get an even rim of salt all the way round.

Pour in the ice cold contents from the shaker in to the glasses and garnish by floating a circular slice of lime on the top of the libation. Drink immediately. If one doesn’t work, then have another. If you need three then you will likely need to see a doctor fairly quickly and also be very drunk.

The above should make two decent-sized portions. They are tried and trusted revivers at Leir Towers. Good luck!

A short side-note on the salt: if you crush rock salt with a little of very finely chopped dry chillies, you will help add a reviving kick to this morning reviver. Having a small emergency stash ready prepared is always a good idea.


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