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Life Lessons from Ironing

Ironing. Love it or hate it. Most of my friends hate it.

However, I have learned to find a way of enjoying this chore; taking satisfaction from a job done well. However, when the pile gets too high, it does become an almost impossible task to start.

Much like many other parts of my life.

So here is my Top Ten life lessons I’ve learned whilst steaming away with my Laurastar ‘Ironing System’:

1. Once you start, the mountain is never as big as it seems.
2. Use the right tools for the job.
3. Details can be ignored, but you’ll feel better knowing things are done properly.
4. Pressure helps get things done quicker.
5. Good music helps.
6. Drink makes things seem easier, but means tasks take longer. As do drugs.
7. Good company can help, but often proves distracting to the mission at hand.
8. Make realistic goals and set yourself rewards.
9. Quality over quantity is always better.
10. You can’t iron out fatal flaws. Throw out stuff that is no longer fit for purpose.

Footnote: get a good iron (with a separate steam unit) and a high quality ironing board. You will cut your ironing time in half. John Lewis have a good range and expert advice if you visit them.


Life Lessons From Cats

I’ve been fortunate to provide a temporary home to two beautiful cats. Anyone who knows cats will know what a delightful mixed blessing that is.

They’ve provided as much love as they have disdain. They’ve also taught me some very valuable lessons for life.

Here are my Top Ten:

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.
2. Persistence usually pays off.
3. You can get away with a lot more if people aren’t watching.
4. If you do get caught, don’t explain, just look endearing; you’ll be quickly forgiven.
5. Spend some time each day looking out of the window.
6. Keep your shit where it belongs.
7. If you learn how to open doors life is much more fun.
8. Take a nap if you feel like it.
9. Getting to the top sometimes requires ingenuity.
10. Simple things will often provide the most joy.